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Seller and Homeowner Secrets Revealed!

One girl telling the other a secret. SELLER SECRETS REVEALED! Online real estate websites have changed the way buyers buy... 

May 26 2015
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Great Yorba Linda Pools Homes!

Yorba Linda is located in Northern Orange County and is known as the Land of Gracious Living. The homes are beautiful and... 

May 21 2015
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Top 15 Homes in Anaheim Hills CA

Anaheim Hills is a great place to raise a family or to retire with privacy. Many luxury mansions are tucked away in the hills... 

May 7 2015
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Top 15 Homes For Sale in Placentia CA

Placentia is a city in northern Orange County, California. This includes the community of Atwood, which is included in the... 

May 1 2015
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Is Seller Financing a Good Idea?

In this current market, with home prices trending up, but access to financing is more difficult post housing bubble. So,... 

March 3 2015
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When to Get Pre-Approval for a Mortgage

If you’re even considering purchasing a home in the next year, the time to start the pre-approval process is now. Why... 

February 26 2015
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Energy Conserving Landscaping Tips

As you plan your landscaping for your new home, remember the green you plant outside affects the green you have left inside... 

February 24 2015
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Tax Tips for New Homeowners

Congratulations on your new home! Whether a condominium, cooperative apartment, single-family home, townhouse or mobile home,... 

February 23 2015
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Loan Options with Low Downpayments

U.S. economists expect 2015 to be a strong year for housing. What this means to you is that more homes are selling and the... 

February 12 2015
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