Welcome to the IMPACT Real Estate SUCCESS podcast! You can subscribe to the show on iTunes (click here) or Stitcher Radio (click here). My goal is to provide you with a valuable resource so you can reach the highest level of success in your real estate career.

Each week I interview a top producing agent so that you can learn from the best agents in the real estate industry! Below is a list of each show.


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Podcast Episodes 1-10

Show #Guest AppearanceQuick Link
000Who is Aaron Zapata and information about the podcast beginningshttp://www.aaronzapata.com/000
001Robert Ott, ReMaxhttp://www.aaronzapata.com/001
002Jesse Salas, Harcourts Avantihttp://www.aaronzapata.com/002
003Joseph Bird, ReMaxhttp://www.aaronzapata.com/003
004Beth Traverso, ReMaxhttp://www.aaronzapata.com/004
005Dewey Hatcher, Hatcher Realty Serviceshttp://www.aaronzapata.com/005
006Jill Schuster, ReMaxhttp://www.aaronzapata.com/006
007Jamie Tian, Rodeo Realtyhttp://www.aaronzapata.com/007
008Melanie Giglio-Vakos, Sotheby'shttp://www.aaronzapata.com/008
009Todd Frazier - The Frazier Methodhttp://www.aaronzapata.com/009
010Aaron Zapata - Show Recap - Season 1http://www.aaronzapata.com/010
Complete List of all IMPACT Real Estate Success Podcasts shows.

Podcast Episodes 11-20

Show #Guest AppearanceQuick Link
011Shirley Weems - Waterman Real Estatehttp://www.aaronzapata.com/011
012Jacquie Othen - The Othen Grouphttp://www.aaronzapata.com/012
013Gantry Wilson - Keller Williamshttp://www.aaronzapata.com/013
014Jean Ginzburg - Digital Marketing Part 1http://www.aaronzapata.com/014
015Jean Ginzburg - Digital Marketing Part 2http://www.aaronzapata.com/015
016George Laughton and Justin Baker - MyHomeGroup Phoenixhttp://www.aaronzapata.com/016
017Reed Goossens - Investment Property http://www.aaronzapata.com/017
018Ashley Pederson - Growing with her teamhttp://www.aaronzapata.com/018
019Isaac "Yitzi" Nussbaum - 21 Year Old Superstar from New Jerseyhttp://www.aaronzapata.com/019
020Aaron Zapata - Ultimate Survivor's Guide For Realtorshttp://www.aaronzapata.com/020
Complete List of all IMPACT Success Podcasts shows.

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