Is this real estate market bi-polar or what? by Aaron Zapata, Orange County Realtor

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by Aaron Zapata, REALTOR®, MBA

Is this real estate market bi-polar or what?

One week I read that housing sales figures are great; home prices are rising; we’ve recovered from the housing crash! The next week I read home prices are falling and unstable! Up and down, up and down, does anyone know what is going on?

If you’ve watched the news lately, you’ve noticed that the most recent media trend toward housing is negative, due to disappointing sales figures across the nation.  The overwhelmingly negative news will cause the housing market to stall.  Why?  Because buyers are much more in tune with the housing trends than sellers.  Buyers will read these articles and will decide to delay their purchases.  That means prices will fall.  We saw this happen in 2006 when the media reports turned from positive to negative overnight contributing to the housing crash when buyers simply stopped buying.

Here are two articles, out of dozens, that will cause buyers to think twice about buying right now.

US News

Wall Street Journal

What do you think? Are we out of the woods? Has the market recovered? Leave a post!

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