Using Mobile Technology for a Productive Day in Real Estate


Today I served as Juror #1 on a trial here in Orange County.  Despite being locked up in a court room most of the day I was still able to communicate with my staff and my clients.  Here’s a glimpse of what took place during lunch, at break times, and while the Judge was meeting privately with the attorneys (side bars):

  1. I emailed my assistant this morning before going into court and gave her a list of items to complete and follow through on.
  2. From my cell phone I was able to text and email my assistant and my clients to make sure that everything was being completed.
  3. I requested a pre-approval letter for a buyer from his lender, received it, confirmed that it was in, and forwarded it to the office for printing.
  4. I confirmed that a Market Analysis report that I emailed on Sunday was received today by all parties. It was.
  5. At lunch I wrote an offer on my laptop from the Jury Room via their wireless internet and submitted it electronically for my buyer to sign who works in Riverside County. By the time I got home it was in my inbox ready for submission to the listing office.
  6. I confirmed a showing appointment for this evening.

By the time I got home this evening I had confirmed that an offer I wrote last week had been submitted to the bank for negotiation, followed up for another client who is trying to get a lease finalized by the end of the month, wrote an offer, showed property, and submitted an offer.  It was a very productive work day for me in Real Estate thanks to modern technology.

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