Wachoiva, World Savings, Goldenwest Short Sales…Helpful Information

If your home loan was with World Savings or Goldenwest they are now owned and serviced by Wachovia. Wachovia is committed to making the Short Sale Process as simple and quick as possible. Here are the steps to selling your home using the Wachovia Short Sale Process.

Wachovia Short Sales Made Easy
1. Obtain Listing Agreement
2. Contact local Short Sale Manager as soon as you
get the listing
3. Short Sale Manager will notate in Wachovia system
that the property is listed; Listing Agent will notate
in MLS “Wachovia Short Sale”.
4. Short Sale Manager can conduct a “pre-contract”
interview with seller, if needed
5. Send HUD and ratified contract to local Short Sale
Manager via email, once received
6. Receive approval/minimum net from Wachovia
7. Obtain settlement letter from any junior lien holders
8. Close in 45 days or less

Did you see #8? They want to close the escrow in 45 days or less!
Please contact me if I can help you through this process.
Aaron Zapata, MBA
(714) 904-7877

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