Aaron Zapata needs your help to decide which notepad to order next….

Hi everyone,

Thanks for helping me decide which notepad to order.  If you’d like a few of them once I get them in, just send me an email to Aaron@AaronZapata.com and I’ll put some in the mail for you!

By leaving a comment I will enter you to win a FREE Orange County Entertainment Book.  Make your comments stand out…be funny…make me laugh! 
Please share your thoughts with me by posting a comment below.  Thank you! 
(If you click on the photos you can enlarge them)

Option 1                           Option 2                                           Option 3
Headshot Only              Full Body Photo No Lines         Full Body Photo + Lines/Boxes

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6 thoughts on “Aaron Zapata needs your help to decide which notepad to order next….”

  • donjacks

    I like #3!

  • kevin


  • Ambe Blodgett

    I like 2. I Like to have the ability to write without the lines. 🙂

  • lisa

    number one.

  • gregharaksin


  • AZ

    I have chosen to go with Option #3! Thanks for voting. Lisa – you win the Entertainment book!


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