Buying a home? These documents are needed to make a complete offer.

Documents needed to make a good offer.

Are your offers being rejected?  Here is what is needed to have a complete offer package.  If you do not have the following presented from the start, your offer will usually not be considered.

  • Copy of the Good Faith Deposit Check.  I recommend it be more than 1% of the offer price.
  • Copies of Bank Statements (Proof of Funds). There should be enough money in the account to cover the down payment and closing costs (see Closing Costs Article).
  • Pre-Approval Letter. Pre-qualification letters are not enough anymore. The lender should have previously verified your assets and income (see Required Lender Documents Article).
  • Credit Report showing Fico Scores.
  • Agency Disclosure. This form confirms that you understand what your agent does and who your agent is.
  • Completed Offer.  Your offer must be competed correctly.  Make sure it has the correct date, the correct Real Estate Companies listed, the correct seller name and the correct cost allocation boxes check.  It should not have blank areas.
  • Additional Contract Addendums.  If the sale is short sale, Bank Repo, or in Foreclosure there are additional forms that need to be completed. 

Finally, make sure you understand how the contract works!  Realtors are not attorneys, but you are entering into a legally binding contract and you should know what you are signing.

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