Foreclosures in Orange County Up 33% – ForeclosureRadar Reports

Foreclosures in Orange County Up 33% – Reports

In the latest foreclosure report published by they show that the number of homes foreclose on by the banks in April 2010 was 33% higher than April 2009. This means that while banks are being encouraged to work out loan modifications for struggling homeowners, the reality is that they are not that successful in doing so.

April 2009 2010 Up or Down
Notice of Default 3031 1671 -45%
Notice of Trustee Sale 1712 1776 4%
Foreclosed On 417 556 33%
Sold to 3rd Party 162 297 83%

A home goes through the following steps in the process of foreclosure:
   1) Notice of Default – Filed after 3 or more missed payments
   2) Notice of Trustee Sale – Notice to the buyer that they home will be sold at auction
   3) Trustee Sale/Auction – If no one buys the home at the trustee sale it goes back to the bank (foreclosure) and becomes an REO. If a 3rd party buys it, it is also a foreclosure but the investor determines what to do with the property.

If you, or someone you know, is in the process of foreclosure, please contact me today. You may have other options, including a short sale.

I will give you an honest opinion based on my experience in dealing with these tough situations.

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