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“Curb appeal” – the first impression a home makes when a potential buyer arrives – is critical when selling a home. One area often neglected is the driveway, which typically is one of the first features a potential home buyer notices when arriving. If the concrete driveway is oil-stained or has cracks, check with a local home center for cleaners and crack-repair compound. For asphalt driveways, a seal-coat often can make a big difference in appearance and also help prolong the asphalt or concrete.

When selling a home, first impressions are extremely important. Neglecting to maintain a lawn by letting it turn brown or become overgrown may discourage a buyer. To prevent this, homeowners should cut back or remove trees and bushes that are overgrown, especially if they are hazardous. Weeding and laying fresh bark in planter beds also can contribute to a favorable first impression.

This helpful hint is from the California Association of Realtors.

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2 thoughts on “Helpful tips for home sellers”

  • Scott Flores

    Interesting post,

    I would agree that a little tlc on the front yard goes a long way in selling a home.


  • AZ

    Thanks for the comment. I will keep your contact information on had so that when people need your services, I can send them your way.


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