Will Prices Fizzle in This Summer Heat? by Aaron Zapata Orange County Realtor

Will Prices Fizzle in This Summer Heat?
Real Estate from A to Z
By Aaron Zapata, MBA, R

These TrendGraphix graphs show the real estate market activity for all of Orange County from April 2009 until June 2010.  The first chart shows the current trends for homes listed on the market versus homes actually selling.  The trend is alarming.  Available homes on the market are increasing rapidly while sales are not.  This is a simple issue of supply and demand.  Right now, there is way more supply than demand.  When that happens, prices come down. The second chart shows that homes will be on the market longer.

I’m sorry to say it, but I think home prices will be dropping again soon as more and more sellers compete for the few buyers that are buying right now.

If you are thinking about selling, please call me now.  Don’t delay.

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