FIVE STAR Real Estate Agents scored highest in overall satisfaction

FIVE STAR Real Estate Agents scored highest in overall satisfaction

I’d like to thank my clients who recommended me for FIVE STAR award for this year. It truly is an honor to have such wonderful clients to serve. According to the FIVE STAR Professional website, “the FIVE STAR Real Estate Agent Program is designed to identify and showcase real estate agents in a local market that score highest in overall satisfaction.

As part of an in-depth research process real estate agents are evaluated by their customers and real estate industry professionals based on customer service, integrity, market knowledge, communication and negotiation skills, closing preparation, helping you find the right home, marketing the home being sold, and overall satisfaction.

10,000 to 50,000 recent homebuyers (all area residents who purchased a home over $100,000 within a 12-36 month period depending on the market size), readers of the area magazine, and 250 mortgage and title companies are asked to name and evaluate real estate agents with whom they have had direct/personal experience with. Recent homebuyers and subscribers can evaluate up to two agents, while mortgage and title companies can evaluate up to three agents. Both positive and negative responses regarding each agent are accepted. In addition to the survey results, other criteria such as acceptable disciplinary action and review by a panel of local industry experts are incorporated into the overall evaluation process.”

The award winners were published in the December edition of OrangeCoast magazine.

If you or someone you know if looking to buyer or sell real estate in and around Orange County, CA please feel free to contact me using the form below.

I am looking forward to another great year in 2011!

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