I love India…I just do!

I love India
by Aaron Zapata, MBA, REALTOR

Most people don’t know this, but my grandma on my dad’s side was born in India. My great grandparents were missionaries in India at that time.  Growing up, we ate curry and rice at home often. My grandma loved to paint and I remember the paintings she made of the places she grew up.  Her brother, my great uncle Paul Hiebert, was very active India until his passing a few years ago. Twice I have traveled to India and I just love the people, food, and beautiful country. I just feel a connection to this distant land.

Thankfully I get the privilege of working with many buyers and sellers who are from India.  We get to talk about their native country and I just get drawn in to the conversations.  I love it. In fact, I just got off the phone with an Indian client which is what inspired this post.

I hope to go back there in the next few years and take my son along with me so that he can experience a different culture and learn about his family history. In the mean time, I will continue to serve my clients here in the U.S.

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