Know what your real estate agent knows about Bank of America Short Sales by Aaron Zapata Orange County Realtor

Know what your real estate agent knows about Bank of America Short Sales
by Aaron Zapata with Prudential CA Realty

There are no secrets when it comes to short sales, not if you are willing to do a little research and study up on the information that banks make available to real estate agents.

Here is a link to some important information made available to real estate agents working on shorts sales with Bank of America.  The bank knows that the more educated the agent, the better (ie. faster and smoother) the process will be for everyone.

So take a look around and do some research.  If you are considering a short sale, there is NO reason to go at it alone. Find an agent that knows what they are doing and get the home on the market to start the process.

Good luck!

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Zapata Group specialties include:
Home Sellers:

  • Negative Equity Short Sale Negotiations with Wachovia, Wells Fargo, Bank of America, Citibank, CitiMortgage, and Chase banks.
  • Standard “Equity” Home Sales
  • Luxury Home Short Sales and Luxury Equity Homes For Sale
  • Trustee and Probate Home Sales
  • Corporate Relocations

Home Buyers:

  • First-Time Home Buyers
  • Investor Home Purchases
  • Bank Repo and REO Buyer Representation

Corporate Services:

  • Bank Repo/REO Sales
  • Bank Repo BPO Valuations
  • Relocation Certified

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