Orange County Real Estate Market Report…Are We In For A Double Dip OR Is It Behind Us?


This is a Trendgraphix report through the end of April 2011 for all of Orange County.

As you can see, the trends are showing that we are moving upward when it comes to the real estate market here in Orange County. The average price of homes for sale has been increasing since January and the Average Price for a Home SOLD has been trending upward since February.

I have said this before and I will say it again, using the Median Home Price is not the best indicator of home values overall. Unfortunately, Zillow, and others seem to only report on that measuring tool. I think that Median Home Price is a good measuring tool to tell us what price point is most active! If more homes are sold on the lower end then the Median Price will tell us that. It does not, however, give us the whole picture. 

I have another chart that shows that Pending sales are up! Once those escrows close, we will have some really good numbers. Those days are just around the corner.

The real estate market in Orange County is doing very well.

Aaron Zapata, MBA
"Your Personal Real Estate Consultant"

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