Home Selling Tips: Marketing is half the battle when selling a home.

And your home didn’t sell…because…why??? Let’s go over this again…

Here is a sample marketing update to a home owner selling their home. I’d like your feedback, so please leave a comment below. Please feel free to share your home selling tips as well!

“Thank you for the opportunity to assist you and your family in selling your home.  I have enjoyed the experience and I look forward to getting your home sold.  When we first met, you and I discussed your desire to move and as I stated from the beginning, my job is to market the home to get buyers to view the home.  Once an offer is generated, I am to negotiate it and successfully close the sale.  I’ve listed below the some highlights of the marketing efforts that have gone into marketing your home.


Home Magazine Advertising:

  • The home has appeared in three different Home Magazines with a wide distribution here in Southern California. Each of the ads came with a website ad as well.

Orange County Register:

  • The property was advertised numerous times on the two full-page full-color advertising sections.

YouTube Video:

  • A professional YouTube video was created and syndicated to various internet sites.

Social Media:

  • The property was promoted using various methods of Social Media including Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Open Houses:

  •  Open Houses were hosted that resulted in over two dozen showings to potential buyers.


  • The home has been advertised on various websites and has generated thousands of views.
  • On Realtor.com, the home as been viewed 8,900 times.
  • On Zillow.com, the home has appeared in over 8,000 search results and the detailed info has been viewed over 1,200 times.
  • On Trulia.com, the home has appeared in over 10,500 search results and the detailed info has been viewed over 900 times.

Photography and Marketing Materials:

  • A professional photographer took the photos and professional, full-color, brochures were placed at the home for serious buyers.

(There are additional marketing items not listed, but these were some of the highlights)


  • Over the last 90 days we have had over 65 showings to prospective buyers including those through the open houses.
  • No offers have been written.

At this point we need to address the Real Estate market, pricing strategy, and create a plan for the next 90 days in order to sell your home.”


Not bad for 90 days, right?

If the home has not sold by this point…why? I’d love to hear your comments.


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2 thoughts on “Home Selling Tips: Marketing is half the battle when selling a home.”

  • Aida

    My first thought was that since it is a buyer’s market, the price of the home might have been too high. Buyers are looking for the best deals in town!

    • Aaron Zapata

      That’s exactly right!


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