Yorba Linda Police Contract With Brea Terminated?

I received this from a local Yorba Linda Resident and wanted to get some feedback from you, if you live in Yorba Linda.

Take a look at www.YorbaLindaPolice.com for more information.

Here is an excerpt from the website:

“On November first you and your City Council were blindsided by an ill conceived plan to replace the Brea Police Department, an agency that has served this community well for 42 years. What appeared to start as an “administrative report on potential future options for provision of law enforcement services” (Agenda Item 11) in a 3 to 2 vote to exercise the termination clause of our contract with the Brea Police Department.

There was no opportunity for residents of Yorba Linda to express their opinions on the matter. However, provision was made to allow Orange County Sheriff-Coroner Sandra Hutchens to make a lengthy sales pitch for her organization to replace the BPD. She suggested, setting aside the several million dollars in up front costs to launch the relationship, that the OCSD might provide Yorba Linda with a substantial savings for law enforcement.

We all wish it were that simple. It’s clearly not.

What now?

First, the City Council needs to hear from you. We invite you to sign our petition and contact council and staff via email or snail mail with your opinion. It’s easy, just click the tabs above.

Second, by law, every council meeting provides an opportunity for public comment. Again, we encourage you to step forward and let your elected officials hear what the majority has to say. Remember, you elected them to represent you. Not one of them is as wise individually as you are collectively. Let your voice be heard.

Third, get the facts. We’ve carefully presented the central issues in the matter of continuing to provide Yorba Linda with highly qualified, dedicated and affordable law enforcement. Know the facts.

Finally, don’t just take our word for it, spend a moment or two reading and watching what your neighbors are saying about this very important matter.

 Thank you.

Yorba Linda Police”
Weigh in on the matter and leave a comment.



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