Moving Can Be A Hassle, but Necessary by Aaron Zapata, Realtor

Moving Can Be A Hassle, but Necessary by Aaron Zapata, RealtorThis week Prudential is moving our office a few blocks away to a newer high-tech facility and although I am not moving a whole house full of goods, what little I have to move still seems like a lot. As I pack up my things into boxes I have found myself asking, “How in the world did I get this much stuff?” I guess, like all of us, we accumulate things over time.

This has been a good exercise for me. Our company has really been pushing for paperless transactions and this has forced me to go that direction.  All of my closed files were scanned and digitized and the originals were shredded.  I’ve moved a lot of info to Dropbox where I can access it from any computer.  I’ve installed Apps on my iPad and iPhone that will help me go completely paperless.

It’s also been good because I’ve been able to throw away things that I just don’t use or need anymore. Like the Orange colored paper under my desk. Why is that there? I know some of the boxes will never again be opened. And I know I should probably throw that stuff away right now…but you know…I’ll just keep it a little longer… just in case.

Finally, moving puts life (and business) on hold. Over the next few days and weeks as we unpack and figure out where everything goes it will be a challenge to keep on top of everything. Thankfully, our owners are taking every step necessary to keep us on track and rolling. Customer service is so important these days and I want to make sure everything is completely seamless.

Moving. Every once in a while it’s necessary. Change is good; it keeps us on our toes. Flexibility is good, because nothing is certain. New offices, here we come!


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