The Bank Repo Photos You Don’t See

The Bank Repo Photos You Don't SeeWhat you see on the Internet are usually the best photos of properties the Realtor can get, especially when it comes Bank Repos. Most agents, including myself, will typically leave out the photos that don’t look good (do you really need to see a vertical shot of the bathroom vanity…). However, where there are major problems, I think you, the buyer, should know, so you aren’t wasting your time.

The photo here is one that I took while showing an REO to my client. From the photos online, my buyer had high hopes for this being a good find. When we got there, this is what greeted us. If you can’t tell, there’s a broken window that’s boarded up on the left and newer drywall that is yet to be repainted on the right. At the ceiling joint there are water stains.

This home was a wreck and we all left disappointed. The home across the street was beautiful and that was the best part.

Have you been surprised by the home once you it there and compared it to the pictures? What would you rather see? All the bad photos or just the good ones?

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