Legal Issues – Home Inspections

In today’s environment there are so many issues that can lead to a lawsuit between seller, buyer, agents, and home inspectors.

Here are my recommendation to sellers and buyers.

1. Hire a Home Inspector that is insured and holds a contractors license. Did you know that home inspectors don’t have to be licensed? Make sure you hire the right company.

2. Conduct additional inspections. All buyers need to satisfy themselves of all possible issues with the property. There is a buyer buying a listing right now where I represent the seller and he is looking at everything. In addition to the home inspection he has completed a roof inspection, a geotechnical inspection, heating/AC inspection, a chimney inspection, a video inspection under the home, and a plumbing inspection. He’s doing it right!

3. Sellers need to complete and submit all disclosures in writing and the buyer should read them. Sounds simple enough, but many simply do not complete everything or read the disclosures they have been given.

These are the big items that may seem obvious but it’s important to follow through on these.

(This photo is of our Vice President, Brad Pearson, reviewing our Risk Management policy here at Prudential.)

Legal Issues - Home Inspections

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