What you do in secret today, is revealed in public tomorrow.

This morning the cover of the Wall Street Journal caught my attention with a picture of a man in a yellow jersey, wearing a helmet, showing the number 7 with his fingers. The title “Cycling Legend Loses Titles” were in big black bold letters above the image. Lance Armstrong has been stripped of his Tour de France titles because he has chosen not to fight the charges against him for doping*.  It’s unfortunate that this has occurred, but not uncommon.

Reading this front page news article got me thinking about how our “secret” actions today will eventually be revealed in the future. The following examples of secret actions that have catastrophic results started flooding my mind on my way to the office:

  • The person who secretly eats junk food at midnight or at other opportunities will eventually gain weight for all to see.
  • The worker who secretly steals time and resources from their boss will eventually be caught and their work performance will suffer or they will be fired.
  • The man who secretly indulges in porn will eventually be found out and will suffer the consequences.
  • The husband who has a secret affair and produces a child out of wedlock will regret the destruction this causes.
  • The dad who puts TV and entertainment above his relationships with his kids and family will lose the relationships.
  • The neglected wife that goes to work and secretly gives into emotional fantasies with the guy who pays attention to her will fall as well.
  • The kids who don’t put in the practice won’t perform well in the game or at the recital.
  • The Christian who doesn’t spend any time in prayer and in God’s Word will wonder why they have no power to overcome sinful habits.
  • And the Realtor, who cuts corners, doesn’t follow through, and who operates in the grey will eventually lose business and their license.

It’s a natural progression. Thoughts become words and actions that turn into habits that will be revealed in your character.

No one is perfect. We all have our faults. But as this story of Lance Armstrong unfolds, we all need to realize that the little things we do today will eventually be made known in the future. Live today as though tomorrow, everything you do will be printed for everyone to see. If you did that, would your life be different?

As the saying goes, those who are faithful in the little things will be entrusted with much greater things. Let’s all recommit to being faithful in the little things we do when no one is watching. Let’s become people who don’t fear tomorrow because of the actions we take today.

What story will tomorrow’s headlines about your life tell?

* Lance Armstrong still defends his innocence and according to CNN (http://money.cnn.com/2012/08/24/news/companies/armstrong-nike-endorsements/) he dropped his appeal because the process was one-sided and unfair.  I still stand by my thoughts and comments about how our “secret lives” will eventually be revealed.

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