Client Review – Successful Fullerton Short Sale

Client Review – Successful Fullerton Short SaleWhen my wife and I decided that it was time to short sell our home in Fullerton, we started asking around to find out what realtors had a good reputation for handling the intricacies of the short sale process.  We were looking for someone who ideally had experience working specifically with our bank and who had a track record of moving what can be a very long and arguous process along as quickly as possible.

During our search process, Aaron Zapata’s name came up several times.  Every former client of his that we spoke to was a very happy customer.  They cited his integrity, his attentive service, and wisdom.  I am thrilled to report that after partnering with Aaron on the sale of our house we have nothing but the same glowing reviews to report.

Aaron was unbelievably attentive throughout the process and was very effective in spurring the bank on when things slowed a bit.

In the end, the short sale went through very smoothly and my wife and I are deeply thankful to Aaron for making us feel like we were his only client even though his plate was full.  If given the chance we wouldn’t hesitate to hire Aaron again.  He’s truly the best of the best.

B. Miller, Seller.


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