What is my Word for the year?

In December, I came across a trend on Facebook and Twitter in which people were choosing one word—yes, just one word—to focus on for 2014. The word was to be something challenging, have multiple applications, and be meaningful to the person. For example, if someone already is in great physical shape, they would not choose the word Fitness…because they are already Fit!

After some reflection and brainstorming with my wife, I have selected the word ATTEND for 2014.

ATTEND is a word that has many meanings for me. First of all, it is similar to the word focus, but I feel that it requires more intentionality.  I can sometimes be a little scattered and I am often easily distracted. To be attentive and focused can be challenging for me, so I have committed to being present physically and mentally no matter whatever situation I am in.

I will ATTEND to the needs of my clients. I would say that all of my job relies on me listening to and understanding my clients’ needs. I have committed to being available and attentive.  I want to make sure that they are taken care of.

I will ATTEND to the needs of my team. As the team leader, it’s important for me to know what is happening with my team so that I can help them reach their highest potential. A well-functioning team is essential to our long-term success and that’s our goal.

I will ATTEND to my friends. I’ve blessed with many people that I consider real friends (not the Facebook kind that you hardly know). I will be more intentional in developing those relationships and finding a richness that can be mutually shared.

I will ATTEND to my family. My wife and children help complete me as a relational being and they bring me great joy and satisfaction. Our home and family is a haven where I go to be loved and encouraged. I will be present with them, help them, and be there for them.  I want to ATTEND to their needs.

I will ATTEND to my personal and spiritual life. In the midst of family, church, and work, life is very busy and I don’t always take enough time to nurture my spirit and soul. That may sound weird to some of you, but I think you know what I mean. It’s one thing to be physically exhausted, but an entirely different thing to be mentally and spiritually drained. Some call it burn out, but I will avoid it by taking time to refresh, revive, and renew myself in ways that work for me. Reading the Bible, spending quiet time alone in prayer, being outdoors in nature…those are the things that help me.

ATTEND.  It’s a challenging and inspiring word for me.  I’m excited to see how it will come to define my year as I focus on it.

So, have you chosen a WORD for 2014?  Or, if you could choose a WORD to guide your year, what would it be?

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