30 Questions to ask BEFORE you decide to buy property with a friend or family member.

http://www.anauthenticlife.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/01/Question-Mark.jpgBuying property with a family member can be great and it can also me a nightmare. Are you really prepared to own property with family or friends.  I created this list of questions to help my clients in the decision making process.  There are more questions, of course, but this list is a great starter!

30 Questions to ask BEFORE you decide to buy property with a friend or family member.

1. What kind of property are you planning to purchase? (Home, Apartments, etc…)
2. Describe the property (bedrooms, bathrooms, etc…)
3. Where are you going to buy the property? (City, Area, etc…)
4. How long do you plan to keep the property?
5. Who is going to finance the property?
6. Who is going to provide the down payment?
7. How is the property going to be owned? Is it split evenly?
8. Who pays for the repairs?
9. Who does the repairs? Handyman? Do it yourself? Professional?
10. Who determines how a repair is made and how much will be spent on them?
11. Who will handle the accounting and will that person be compensated for it?

Want the rest of the questions?  Please complete the following and I’ll gladly email you the entire list.

30 Questions before you buy

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