Seller and Homeowner Secrets Revealed!

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One girl telling the other a secret.


Online real estate websites have changed the way buyers buy property!

Did you know that by using a smart phone a homebuyer can look at all of the sales in your neighborhood for any timeframe? Did you know that they can find look up your name, find out how much you paid for your home, and when you bought it? Did you know they can use apps to determine what they believe to be a good price for your home? They can do this all from their cell phones using public data found online.

Buying a home today is very different than it was when I got into the real estate industry nearly 20 years ago.

When I first started in the real estate industry nearly 20 years ago we didn’t have half of the technology use today in our industry. I didn’t have a cell phone (I used to have a pager), a website, or any kind of social media. Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram, and Twitter didn’t even exist. We used a fax machine and had a dot-matrix printer. Wow, things have changed.

The advancement of technology in the world has had a huge impact on the way we “do” real estate.

If you’ve owned your home for more than 15 years, you will be amazed at how the selling process has changed.

Our team works with 100s of buyers each year and we understand their thinking and buying process. This expertise helps us when counseling sellers to determine the proper price and to create a strategic marketing plan to reach the perfect buyer.

If you have questions about the home selling and buying process, we’d love to help you through it. As a full-time, experienced, and certified REALTORs, we can help you discover your home’s value, walk you through the selling and buying process, or simply answer your questions.

Let me know how we can help.

Aaron Zapata is a top performing Real Estate Broker in Southern California serving clients all over California. His team provided excellent service as your seller and purchase homes, condos, or land.

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