Real Estate Agent’s Secret Tips For A Great Offer

Top 8 Tips for Writing A Great OfferReal Estate Agent’s Secret Tips For Writing a Great Offer

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Are you making an offer to purchase a home? Have you been making offers already and getting turned down? Are you ready to get your offer accepted?

Here’s what you need to know to make a great offer.

  1. The Initial Phone Call
    1. Every buyer’s agent should call the listing agent and check on the following:
      1. Are there any other offers?
      2. Are there any specific terms the seller is looking for?
    2. This call serves as the first introduction to your offer and helps you, your agent, and your offer stand out when there are multiple offers.
  2. The Offer
    1. The offer itself must be complete. Include all dates, initials, and signatures. If you are missing some of these, your offer looks unprofessional!
    2. The Right Price. Know your competition and make an offer at the right price.
    3. The right terms. Make sure you know what the seller is looking for and make the terms appealing to the seller.
  3. The Biography Letter
    1. Sellers ask me, “Who are these people?” and most of the time I don’t know. When you have a letter explaining who you are and why you want the home, it does help!
    2. Don’t be overly mushy about how much you love the house and how perfect it is for your family…it comes across as fake.
    3. Be honest about why you are buying.
    4. Include a family photo if you can!
  4. The Cover Letter
    1. This is where your agent comes in. Does he/she submit the letter with a cover letter explaining who they are, who you are, and list the documents being submitted? I learned this the hard way one time when my clients lost a home to another buyer when their agent submitted a great letter about their real estate team. We offered the same price but lost because the listing agent liked the other agent’s letter. Ouch!
    2. It should be short and sweet but help the seller and listing agent be comfortable with your agent.
  5. The Email
    1. Offers are submitted via email (rarely, if ever, does a buyer present an offer directly to the seller any more). What your agent says in the email is important!
    2. The submission email should be positive and introduce the client and include the basic terms of the offer like price, financing info, and buyer information.
    3. It should encourage a response from the listing agent.
  6. The Supporting Documentation
    1. Pre-approval letter. Make sure you are pre-approved before you submit your letter if you are using financing.
    2. Proof of Funds. Include a bank statement that shows you have the money to cover the down payment. If your offer says you are putting $100,000 down, make sure the bank statement show sufficient funds.
    3. Fico Scores. If you can obtain a copy of your credit report with your credit scores, it’s a good idea to include them in the supporting documents. Your lender can add them to their pre-approval list or you can submit them separately.
  7. One PDF Attachment
    1. Even though there are multiple items being submitted, the agent needs to submit them as one attachment.
    2. Sending multiple attachments looks unprofessional.
    3. Never send JPEG attachments.
  8. The Follow Up Phone Call
    1. Yes, your agent should call and follow up with the listing agent to make sure they got the offer and to introduce themselves again.
    2. No groveling or begging is allowed on this phone call!
    3. Make it short and pleasant and reiterate the client’s strengths.

If you make every effort to submit the best offer up front you will see an improvement in your acceptance rate. Of course, you only need to get one offer accepted, right?

Good luck.

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