I am strong and have strengths. Do you?

Strength v weaknessesI define myself by my strengths and not my weaknesses.

When you take an honest look at yourself, you have two choices. You can see all your flaws and faults. Or you can see all your strengths and talents.

I have found that those that chose to see their strengths excel. Those that focus on their weaknesses do not.

When we focus on strengths we are not ignoring our weaknesses. It’s quite the opposite. By focusing on our strengths and utilizing our strengths and talents we are providing more opportunities for success while minimizing the influence of our weaknesses.

Some of you are great with face-to-face interaction. When you do more of that you succeed. Some of you are better on the phone or communicating and growing your business by email. You should do more of that to grow your business.

My strength? I love marketing, responding to people’s needs, and meeting people face-to-face. I hate cold calling and therefore created a business that didn’t require cold calling. Why? Because when I cold call I do so from a position of weakness. So rather than spending time and energy trying to improve an area of weakness, I simply decided to get even better at my strength and do great marketing.

Focusing on my strength has helped me grow my business because I’m operating in my God given talents.

I believe God encourages me to focus on my strengths because I can see His joy in me when I operate from a position of strength. Not only that, He says that my worst weakness (a.k.a. sin) has been completely wiped away from His memory. Wow!

Let’s take inventory.

  1. List your top 5 strengths
  2. List your top 5 weaknesses

Which list was easier to create? If the first list was, then you have a tendency to focus on your strengths. If it was easier to make the second list, then you focus on your weaknesses.

Let’s do another exercise.

Write our three action items can you take in your business and life to improve it by utilizing your strengths.

Now that you have your list, take action and live in your strengths. Stop focusing on your weaknesses! Forget the past and look to the future. It is bright!

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Aaron Zapata is a top-producing REALTOR® in Southern California and owner of IMPACT Properties (formerly Zapata Realty, Inc.). He holds an MBA from Cal State Fullerton and his team closes over $40 Million per year in real estate transactions. If you’d like to contact Aaron about selling or buying a home or improving your real estate career, you can email him at Aaron@AaronZapata.com or call (714) 660-2122. He’d love to hear from you.

“Brethren, I do not regard myself as having laid hold of it yet; but one thing I do: forgetting what lies behind and reaching forward to what lies ahead,” Philippians 3:13 (NASB)


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2 thoughts on “I am strong and have strengths. Do you?”

  • Ken

    Great article, Aaron.

    • Aaron Zapata

      Thanks Ken! Have a blessed day and thanks for your support!


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