Goodbye Sweet Sadie. We Will Miss You.

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SadieThis week we said goodbye to our sweet Sadie-girl. She was our first family dog and here are 6 things I learned in her passing. I’ve learned so much more, but these are the big ones.

  • A Dog is a member of the family.
    • When we rescued our beagle 5 years ago she was a stranger. When she passed, she had become an integral part of the family.
  • Losing a pet is a terrible loss.
    • As one of my friends on Facebook stated, “Losing a pet is not LIKE losing a family member; it IS losing a family member.” We feel that right now as we mourn and miss her presence.
  • Kids process grief differently.
    • My boys each handled it very differently. One had mixed emotions of grief and anger and was very verbal. The other was very reserved and cried quietly under his hooded sweatshirt the night we had to say our goodbyes. Both reactions are perfect and both broke my heart as I watched them endure the pain.
  • Everything reminds us of the dog.
    • Every sound and site that we associated with Sadie is still reminding us of her. I was cooking dinner last night and a noodle landed on the floor…I had to clean it up for the first time in 5 years as she always stood by when I was cooking in hopes I’d drop something. When someone knocks on the door she’s not there to bark. Big and small things remind us that she is no longer there and it’s sad.
  • Kids bounce back.
    • My kids were signing up for a new online website and the security question asked about the name of their pet. That’s not fun to answer anymore, but they did ok. They also created a new character on the Wii and named it after Sadie.
  • Being a dog-less house is not an option.
    • As we move forward the thought of not having a dog again never crossed our minds. I’m sure in the next few months we’ll be out looking for another family member.

I’m thankful we had our time with Sadie. She was a great pet and companion. She was the first dog for my boys and for myself and in these short 5 years we came to love and cherish her.

Sadie we love you we will miss you.

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