I’m 40 and I’m Risky. But I’m making memories.

Aaron Zapata Skate BoardingCalculated risks are a part of every day life. I take risks every day and so do you.

Yes, I turned 40 this year, but that doesn’t mean my life is over!

Yesterday I took the risk of physical injury in order to create a memory with my boys. My boys both skateboard and scooter and it’s been a long time since I have done either.

I few months ago I visited an Active Ride Shop where I purchased a helmet and a skateboard (the ones my kids use are too wobbly for me) in preparation for today. Now it was time to head to the skate park.

For three hours we rode around the skate park and had lots of fun…and created memories.

What stories are you creating for your children? What will they tell their kids when they are grown up?

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Take calculated risks! Get out there and do something that others are not doing. Have fun. Fall down and get back up. I did fall once…flat on my back but it didn’t kill me thankfully.

While you are celebrating this holiday season take time to invest in your closest relationships. Make memories.

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