Married and House Hunting: How to Agree on the Perfect Home

Hi Friends! I came across this great article by Dave Ramsey addressing the challenges of finding the perfect home when house hunting as a couple. Having been a trusted real estate adviser for countless couples, I know the level of stress buying a home can place on a relationship and I’ve seen differing opinions become a gateway to argumentation. However, did you know it doesn’t have to be that way?

Implementing the tips listed in Dave Ramsey’s article Married and House Hunting: How to Agree on the Perfect Home is a great starting point to avoid spoiling your house hunting process as a couple. If you have any questions about buying or selling your home, feel free to contact me! I’d be happy to share how I can help you find the perfect home.

Enjoy the read!

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Aaron Zapata is a top-producing REALTOR® in Southern California and owner of IMPACT Properties. He holds an MBA from Cal State Fullerton and his team closes over $40 Million per year in real estate transactions. If you’d like to contact Aaron about selling or buying a home or improving your real estate career, you can email him at or call (714) 660-2122. He’d love to hear from you.

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One thought on “Married and House Hunting: How to Agree on the Perfect Home”

  • emily bennette

    My fiance and I are starting to look for a house. We are a little worried about it causing issues with our relationship. So, I liked that it the article you referenced it said that you shouldn’t let it strain your relationship. It might be a good idea to get a real estate agent who is good at finding houses for engaged people.


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