Fewer Bank Repos Available… Why?

Fewer Bank Repos Available… Why?

In February 2017, according to the statistics provided by Equator.com, an authority on real estate statistics, there were only 3 closed bank repos last month. Where have all the foreclosures gone? Here are a three reasons I believe there are fewer bank repos for sale.

  1. Higher Home Prices = Greater Equity

Now that home prices have rebounded, most homeowners that were struggling can now sell their homes and walk away with some equity rather than letting the bank foreclose.

  1. Loan Modifications = Fewer Foreclosures

Many struggling homeowners were offered loan modifications and have been making the payments. I recently sold a home where the seller was on a loan modification. His home sold for a record price in his neighborhood and was able to walk away with equity and retire out of state because he had equity and the bank didn’t foreclose.

  1. Banks Selling Default Loans to REITs and Hedge Funds = Fewer Bank Repos

Banks really don’t want to foreclose. It’s bad for their books and for their reputations. So in order to avoid them, many of them are packaging up their defaulting loans and selling them in bulk to Real Estate Investment Trusts (REIT) and Private Hedge Funds who are buying 100s and 1000s of loans at a time. Rather than foreclosing and selling on the open market, the companies are turning them into rentals after foreclosure. Yes, they are foreclosing on them, but they aren’t selling them like the banks did.

These three factors are likely to continue which continue to constrain inventories over the next few years.


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