Home Selling Process

Home Selling Process

Selling a home in today’s complex world of real estate is not for the faint of heart. It requires a strategic marketing, proper pricing, and advanced planning to get the highest price.

So what does it take to sell a home?

Pricing Strategy

  • We know…you want the most money for your home and we do too as our commissions are tied directly to the sales price of the home. It’s no secret, the better we do at selling homes for TOP DOLLAR, the happier our clients are and the more referrals we receive in the future.
  • Notice we said, SELLING for TOP DOLLAR. There are a lot of agencies that encourage their clients to LIST for a high price in order to see what they can get. We have hundreds of examples of homes that were overpriced in the beginning and then sold for less than market value 4 to 6 months later. Or worse, didn’t sell at all. We encourage our clients to list at a market competitive price.
  • A Market Competitive price will create a buyer frenzy around your home. When buyers see a home they love at a competitive price, they make offers ASAP because they fear missing out. We have over a hundred case studies where sellers who worked with IMPACT Properties Agents sold their homes for over appraised value, set price records for their neighborhoods, and sold in 10 days or less.
  • When multiple buyers compete for your home, you win. You get your choice of the buyer and you get to dictate the terms you want because you, the homeowner are in the driver’s seat. When you only have one buyer over a 60 day period, the buyer is in control and dictates the terms. We want our sellers to select and choose from multiple buyers and that is only accomplished by a proper pricing strategy because when buyers compete, you win!

Marketing Strategy

  • If you haven’t sold a home in the last 10 years, be ready for a surprise! The way in which we market and sell homes has changed. The Internet has changed the way we sell homes. International economics has affected the way we sell homes. It’s both exciting for us to stay up on the trends and exciting for us to make sure our sellers know how to benefit from the changes.
  • Zillow, Trulia, Realtor.com, and Redfin capture over 85%  of home buyer traffic. That means we need to know how to use those sites to our advantage.
  • Zillow has features such as “Coming Soon”, Make-Me-Move, Special Offers, and more. As Zillow Premier Agents, we are training on how to use those. Trulia, which is owned by Zillow, has most of the same features.
  • Redfin is a real estate company that has one of the best sites based on ease of use for buyers and they have tools like “Hot Home” and easy to navigate Open House tools. We know how to use those to your advantage as well.
  • Facebook… love it, or hate it, on it or not, it’s affecting the way we sell homes and we use Facebook as a powerful tool to advertise and promote your property.
  • Foreign buyers are making purchases in record amounts and we have an international presence online on multiple marketing platforms. We have a membership in international and multi-national organizations that benefit our sellers by attracting international home buyers.

Home Preparation

  • Preparing your home for sale is one of our favorites, if not the most important, aspect of our job. Your home, if not properly prepared will not get top dollar. From contractors to interior designers, to stagers, to painters, plumbers, flooring, and more, we have a vast network of professionals that we trust to work with our clients in the home preparation process.
  • Preparing a home can take months and we prefer to engage with our sellers to make decisions about their homes upwards of a year in advance.  Do you want to spend $35,000 on a new kitchen only to realize you chose the wrong style and it didn’t add any value to your home? No! We don’t either.
  • You will feel overwhelmed if you try to do it alone so please enlist the help of our vendors and agents to assist you in the earliest stages. You will see the benefits for sure.

Forms, Negotiations & Escrow

  • The tough stuff is the stuff no one sees on TV. We’re talking about negotiating sales prices, terms, repair requests, working out title problems, selecting vendors, and more.  This is where our experience really helps our home sellers as we navigate the waters of change in the escrow process.
  • The amount of paperwork is overwhelming and our agents and team members work closely with our home sellers to make sure they make all the right real estate disclosures, understand what they are signing, and educate them on the next steps in the process.

Friendly To Work With

  • Our team is carefully selected and we don’t tolerate poor performance, bad habits, or unethical behaviors. We value integrity and honesty because they are the foundations for our success. Our team of trained agents is not only true professionals but they are more like family than friends. You’ll benefit from the warmth, compassion, and generosity of our agents as they help you sell your home.
  • Making a decision to sell you home is difficult and we encourage you to talk with one of our awesome agents who can help you sell today.

How can we help you? Please let us know how and when we can serve you. Are you thinking about selling now? Let’s talk. Are you thinking about selling next year and need some advice? Let’s talk! Do you need a trusted plumber? Let’s talk. Are you planning to paint? Let’s talk. We are here to be a resource for all things related to your home. Let’s talk.

Seller Information Form

Are you thinking of selling? Complete this form so we can begin the process of assisting you. We look forward to hearing from you.

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