Understanding Pre-paid Property Taxes when Purchasing a Home

When a buyer buys a house there are often lots of questions about property taxes. Here is some information that I think you will find helpful. Please consult with your lender or CPA if you have specific questions about your purchase or loan. This information is for Southern California. Property taxes are pre-paid 2 x a year to the County. We use the phrase "No Darn Fool'n ­Around" to remember when the...

Is this real estate market bi-polar or what? by Aaron Zapata, Orange County Realtor

Real Estate from A to Z by Aaron Zapata, REALTOR®, MBA Is this real estate market bi-polar or what? One week I read that housing sales figures are great; home prices are rising; we’ve recovered from the housing crash! The next week I read home prices are falling and unstable! Up and down, up and down, does anyone know what is going on? If you’ve watched the news lately, you’ve noticed that the...

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