Expressing Gratitude For Your Home

Thanksgiving is a time to consider all the amazing gifts and treasures we are awarded in our lives. It's a time to be grateful for your home and possessions. A time to show your gratitude for your freedoms and country, for family and friends, for the ability to work and to draw breath... all of these aspects of life are often overlooked with busy life schedules. However on the last Thursday of each...

Keeping Your Home Debris Free

There’s definitely a chill in the air, and we are even starting to experience the first storms of the season. Now is a great time to clear away any debris from the exterior of your home. If you have spider webs, your home might be well on its way to resembling a haunted house and it’s still a little early for that! If you have spider webs on any outdoor furniture or fixtures that need gentle care or...

Steps to Winterizing Your Home

Autumn is in full swing, which means it’s a good time to start winterizing your home. Start off the season by getting your furnace inspected and cleaned if necessary. It's wise to change the filters on your furnace every month, for better energy efficiency. You may also want to consider getting a programmable thermostat if you do not have one. The fireplace in your home may need attention, too. Keep out...

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