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Fewer Bank Repos Available… Why?

Fewer Bank Repos Available… Why? In February 2017, according to the statistics provided by, an authority on real estate statistics, there were only 3 closed bank repos last month. Where have all the foreclosures gone? Here are a three reasons I believe there are fewer bank repos for sale. Higher Home Prices = Greater Equity Now that home prices have rebounded, most homeowners that...

Foreclosures Way Way Way Down! Are Bank Repos a Thing of the Past in Orange County?

Foreclosures Way Way Way Down! Are Bank Repos a Thing of the Past? Take a look at the latest Foreclosure Radar report from ( and you will see that the number of foreclosures notices filed in Orange County is down nearly 51% from a year ago! DOWN FIFTY ONE PERCENT!!! Two things are obvious: 1) Banks are foreclosing on fewer homes. 2) There are fewer homes to foreclose because...

The Bank Repo Photos You Don’t See

What you see on the Internet are usually the best photos of properties the Realtor can get, especially when it comes Bank Repos. Most agents, including myself, will typically leave out the photos that don't look good (do you really need to see a vertical shot of the bathroom vanity...). However, where there are major problems, I think you, the buyer, should know, so you aren't wasting your time. The photo...

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