FHA Changes Make it Easier To Buy Your Home

If you have recently lost your home in a foreclosure, short sale, or bankruptcy, and are looking for a second chance at purchasing a new home, you'll be excited about this news. Last month the Federal Housing Administration (FHA), recently announced a rule change that will allow many potential borrowers to purchase a new home just one year after losing a previous residence. This new option is called the...

Almost Half of Home Buyers Are Ignorant by Aaron Zapata, Realtor in North Orange County CA

Don't get upset at me for the title of this post. The truth is that almost half of all buyers do no understand loans.  Even though the government has tried to make it easier to understand and more transparent, the changes have come so rapidly that loans are more confusing than ever.  Here's an article I found today: You can CLICK HERE to read the article in its original publication. Your Leadership...

Condo Owners Can’t Refinance???

Here is an excerpt from a Los Angeles Time article published today by Kenneth Harney. "On Wednesday, an estimated 2,200 condominium projects missed an eligibility deadline involving sales or refinancings using Federal Housing Administration-insured mortgages. The deadline was originally set by FHA for recertification or approval of these projects, but at the last minute the agency agreed to extend...

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