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Facing Foreclosure?       Here are some honest answers for homeowners going through tough situations… Will the bank foreclose if you don’t do anything? Yes, they will. We have seen an increase in the number of foreclosures this year. Banks that used to delay are now moving forward with foreclosures. What is a Trustee Sale? A trustee sale is the event where the...

Foreclosures Way Way Way Down! Are Bank Repos a Thing of the Past in Orange County?

Foreclosures Way Way Way Down! Are Bank Repos a Thing of the Past? Take a look at the latest Foreclosure Radar report from ( and you will see that the number of foreclosures notices filed in Orange County is down nearly 51% from a year ago! DOWN FIFTY ONE PERCENT!!! Two things are obvious: 1) Banks are foreclosing on fewer homes. 2) There are fewer homes to foreclose because...

Short Sale Video by Aaron Zapata, CRS, CHS, SRES, Realtor

Intro video by Aaron Zapata, MBA, Broker, CRS, SRES, CHS with Prudential CA Realty, offering to meet with clients who are considering selling their homes who have a loan balance higher than the value of their home. Do you need to do a short sale? You need the facts. Call Aaron Zapata today to see if you should sell your home or if other options will work best for you. Contact Aaron today at...

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