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Creating an Idea Book for Your New Home

Contemplating buying a new home or remodeling the one you have? Before you call your real estate agent, hire a designer or head to your local Do-It-Yourself superstore refine your ideas by creating an idea book. An idea book, exactly as the name implies, is a repository for all the ideas you have about what you'd like. These include style—a Ranch, Cape Code, Victorian, French Country or maybe an Arts...

Lighten Up Dark Spaces Naturally

You saved up your money and survived the rigors of mortgage underwriting, packed up your apartment, loaded the truck and moved into your new home. After several urgent days of unpacking, rearranging furniture and filling cupboards, you settle into your new place, ready to enjoy the pleasures of home-ownership. You wake up on about day ten to the realization that your new home is a cave—literally! There...

The Importance of Inspection and Repairs Prior to Selling Your Home

There are three main reasons you want to conduct a home inspection and make the proper repairs before putting your house on the market. Electrical Did you know that faulty wiring is one of the most common defects found in a home inspection? Accordingly to home expert, Rick Yerger, faulty electrical wiring can cause a house fire and any exposed electrical wires are susceptible to physical damage and...

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