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Christmas Coloring Contest

Here's how to enter: Please click on the Coloring Contest Link to download the PDF version of the photo. Have your child color the photo. Send the photo to me at the address provided. Thank you! Coloring...

What you do in secret today, is revealed in public tomorrow.

This morning the cover of the Wall Street Journal caught my attention with a picture of a man in a yellow jersey, wearing a helmet, showing the number 7 with his fingers. The title “Cycling Legend Loses Titles” were in big black bold letters above the image. Lance Armstrong has been stripped of his Tour de France titles because he has chosen not to fight the charges against him for doping*.  It’s...

Moving Can Be A Hassle, but Necessary by Aaron Zapata, Realtor

This week Prudential is moving our office a few blocks away to a newer high-tech facility and although I am not moving a whole house full of goods, what little I have to move still seems like a lot. As I pack up my things into boxes I have found myself asking, “How in the world did I get this much stuff?” I guess, like all of us, we accumulate things over time. This has been a good exercise for me....

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