A House for the Whole Family

While multigenerational families sharing a home is common nowadays, finding a home that works for everyone is a little trickier. If you're searching for the perfect house to share with both young children and aging parents, you need to consider a variety of potentialities. While completely mobile now, in the future your parents might need built in aides to negotiate stairs, utilize a wheelchair or walker,...

Back-to-School Organization

With school starting, it's time to do a little reorganizing to make early mornings and after-school activities run smoothly. When starting school after moving to a new home, consider some of the additional challenges your children face and plan accordingly. Implement changes to the household gradually so that your kids adjust before that big first day!   Bedtime Over the summer, kids typically wake...

What happens when God doesn’t answer prayers?

This week has been tough. A close family friend passed away after being diagnosed with acute Leukemia. The hardest part is knowing that although there is a cure, she was diagnosed too late and her body could not recover from the battle raging inside. She leaves behind a husband, three grown children (one whom is engaged) and one grandchild, all of which we are close to. She was too young. She was too...

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