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Fewer Bank Repos Available… Why?

Fewer Bank Repos Available… Why? In February 2017, according to the statistics provided by, an authority on real estate statistics, there were only 3 closed bank repos last month. Where have all the foreclosures gone? Here are a three reasons I believe there are fewer bank repos for sale. Higher Home Prices = Greater Equity Now that home prices have rebounded, most homeowners that...

Are You Aware of Your Home Mortgage Options

Have you considered refinancing your home lately? If so, you are not alone. According to the Freddie Mac Quarterly Refinance Report, many homeowners throughout the United States lowered monthly mortgage payments, shortened the length of their loans, and utilized fixed mortgage rates in the second quarter of 2013. Historically low home loan rates assisted in this process. The report showed a 3% increase...

Bankruptcy – Foreclosure – Is Filing for Bankruptcy Right for You? An Interview with Attorney Bill Constantino

This 30 Minute interview offers some insightful information for those considering bankruptcy.  We discuss some of the basic fundamentals and the myths associated with bankruptcy. Listen to internet radio with Aaron Zapata on Blog Talk Radio   Guest: William D. Constantino Attorney At Law XEROX Centre 1851 E. First Street Suite 900 Santa Ana, CA...

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