Working with a Real Estate Team or a Solo Agent…Which is best?

Many people have asked me if they should work with a real estate team or a solo agent.  The short answer is...go with the team. You don't pay any more and you typically have more access to your agents. It can be tricky if there is poor communication among team members, but for the most part, you'll be better off working with a real estate team to sell or buy a home. Here's quick video explaining some...

Seller and Homeowner Secrets Revealed!

One girl telling the other a secret. SELLER SECRETS REVEALED! Online real estate websites have changed the way buyers buy property! Did you know that by using a smart phone a homebuyer can look at all of the sales in your neighborhood for any timeframe? Did you know that they can find look up your name, find out how much you paid for your home, and when you bought it? Did you know they can use apps to...

Tips for Home Sellers

Sometimes selling a home can feel like a big job – one with a thousand small tasks required to get it done. But many sellers make the job harder by ignoring or avoiding some of the biggest factors that contribute to a faster sale. Use this list to see if your house is truly ready for that “sold” sign. 1) Price is paramount. With the housing market climbing out of its slump, many sellers are banking...

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