Preparing Your Home For Sell

30 Mistakes To Avoid When Selling Your Home

Don't fall victim to common (and some not so common) mistakes homeowners make when selling their home! To help you avoid turning buyers away, I've written an eBook that maps out the Do's and Don'ts when preparing you home for sale. Get your FREE copy today. ::About Aaron Zapata:: Aaron Zapata is a top-producing REALTOR® in Southern California and owner of IMPACT Properties, INC. He...

Why Professional Photography Matters When Marketing Your Home

A question I often get asked is, "Does professional photography matter when selling my home?" The short answer is, yes. However, people asking me the question time and again shows they don't understand WHY it's important. Check out the video below to gain some additional insight!     :::Aaron Zapata::: Aaron Zapata is a...

Dishonest Disclosures

A homeowner is expected to know things about their house that buyers wouldn’t ordinarily know. Like the time an investor bought a vacant house with the carpet missing in the upstairs closet. Why was it missing? It was not disclosed. After closing escrow, the neighbors came over and asked if he knew about the guy who hung himself in the upstairs closet. Sadly, the answer was a resounding...

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