Why Professional Photography Matters When Marketing Your Home

A question I often get asked is, "Does professional photography matter when selling my home?" The short answer is, yes. However, people asking me the question time and again shows they don't understand WHY it's important. Check out the video below to gain some additional insight!     :::Aaron Zapata::: Aaron Zapata is a...

IMPACT Properties – Orange County CA Real Estate Company

What's is like to work at IMPACT Properties? I love this video the agents did for IMPACT. More importantly, I love the fact that I didn't have anything to do with creating the video! Our agents are the best... they truly are.   Are you interested in taking your real estate career to the next level? Are you ready for a positive IMPACT? We'd love to hear from...

I am strong and have strengths. Do you?

I define myself by my strengths and not my weaknesses. When you take an honest look at yourself, you have two choices. You can see all your flaws and faults. Or you can see all your strengths and talents. I have found that those that chose to see their strengths excel. Those that focus on their weaknesses do not. When we focus on strengths we are not ignoring our weaknesses. It’s quite the...

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