Summer Fun

How Does Your Home Garden Grow?

Gardening is more than a popular trend, it's also just plain fun to grow food at your home. Touted as a step towards self sufficiency, gardening can save you money and has other perks, such as the fact that homegrown veggies and herbs simply taste better. If you’re a novice gardener but would still like to try out your green thumb, a small herb garden is a good place to start. If your kitchen has lots...

Spending More Time Outside Your Home These Days?

Summer weather is heating up, giving even more reasons for you to make the most of the outdoor space surrounding your home! With your backyard furniture and seating getting increased use, you may be considering upgrading the look and style of your backyard. There are plenty of fantastic options available to add to your home, no matter what your budget. Whether you choose to upgrade your trees, shrubs or...

Making Your Home Into the Summer Party Headquarters

If you'll be celebrating the 4th of July with a party at your home this year, here are a few things to keep in mind. Independence Day parties are the perfect type to be thrown out of doors. Guests can mingle easily, enjoying the warmer temperatures and casual feel being outside creates, plus you can look forward to less clean up and preparation. Prepare ahead of time and you may find yourself having a...

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