Estate Taxes for 2010 Deaths

I got this from my accountant. I can forward you his contact information if you have any questions.  I do not give tax advice. :) For estates of individuals who died in 2010, executors have until January 17, 2012, to elect not to have estate tax apply and to have the beneficiary’s basis in property received from these 2010 decedents determined under the modified carryover basis rules in Sec. 1022....

New California Bill Signed by Jerry Brown Protects California Homeowners who decide to Short Sale their Property with 2nd or Junior Liens

New California Debt Forgiveness Bill stops All Lenders from Pursuing Borrowers After an Approved Short Sale Breaking news about short sales. Governor Jerry Brown has signed a new law that will have a profound effect on the short sale industry: Previously, SB 931 and Civil Code 580e prevented first mortgage lenders from pursuing a seller for a deficiency after a short sale. However, holders of second or...

Bankruptcy – Foreclosure – Is Filing for Bankruptcy Right for You? An Interview with Attorney Bill Constantino

This 30 Minute interview offers some insightful information for those considering bankruptcy.  We discuss some of the basic fundamentals and the myths associated with bankruptcy. Listen to internet radio with Aaron Zapata on Blog Talk Radio   Guest: William D. Constantino Attorney At Law XEROX Centre 1851 E. First Street Suite 900 Santa Ana, CA...

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