Will A Decline In Market Value Reduce My 2011 Property Taxes

Will a decline in market value reduce my 2011 Property Taxes? I found this great Q & A pdf from the Orange County, CA government website ( that addresses many of the property tax questions you might have.  You can download the PDF below. "In 2010, the Orange County Assessor reviewed the value of 317,000 properties in the County, including single-family homes, condos, townhouses,...

Confused About Property Taxes?

Confused About Property Taxes? Real Estate from A to Z by Aaron Zapata, MBA Property taxes always seem to confuse buyers and sellers when closing an escrow.  For the buyer, they are trying to figure out how much they are going to have to pay. For the seller, they want to know how much money they are going to get back. Traditional Escrow has provided me with the chart (see link to attachment below) that...

Property Taxes Going Up: Understanding Market Value, Prop. 13 Value, and Taxable Value

The Orange County Office of the Assessor published this notice to provide Orange County CA homeowners with information to explain how they are arriving at their property tax assessment for each property.  It gives a brief explanation of Market Value, Proposition 13 Value, and Taxable Value.  It also provides instructions for you if you disagree with the value they have calculated.  Did you know you can...

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