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Bank delays cause investor to lose an additional $100,000 on Short Sale

In April 2010 I began working with a client who could no longer afford their mortgage. A recent traffic accident, medical leave, and a newborn baby all contributed to the financial hardship this family was going through. They did everything right. They had heard about the ability to get a loan modification through a government program and successfully got a loan modification from their interest only loan...

Is it true that Freddie Mac benefits when homeowners can’t refinance?

How would you like it if your bank made more money when you couldn't pay your mortgage or if they refused to refinance you, than they would make if you could make your payment and refinance? Essentially NPR and ProPublica have pointed out that Freddie Mac made investments in certain types of securities that can be interpreted like that. Various news agencies have reported that "When Homeowners Lose,...

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