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Working with a Real Estate Team or a Solo Agent…Which is best?

Many people have asked me if they should work with a real estate team or a solo agent.  The short answer is...go with the team. You don't pay any more and you typically have more access to your agents. It can be tricky if there is poor communication among team members, but for the most part, you'll be better off working with a real estate team to sell or buy a home. Here's quick video explaining some...

Helpful tips for home sellers

What you should know about the market ... "Curb appeal” – the first impression a home makes when a potential buyer arrives – is critical when selling a home. One area often neglected is the driveway, which typically is one of the first features a potential home buyer notices when arriving. If the concrete driveway is oil-stained or has cracks, check with a local home center for cleaners and...

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