Futuristic Kitchen Upgrades

A recent display at the Saloni design fair in Milan, Italy, featured parts of Concept Kitchen 2025, a collaboration between IKEA, the IDEO design firm and Swedish design students. Their exhibit showcases concepts from tables that double as computers and cooktops to food storage appliances that read RFID chips on Read more…

Tips for Remodeling Your Orange County Home

Here is a list of four great tips for remodeling your Orange County home!  To see the full article, CLICK HERE. 1.  Go with mom-and-pop shops 2.  Buy it yourself. 3.  Be a good customer. 4.  Plan for overspending. See the full article here: http://money.cnn.com/2013/01/01/real_estate/home-remodeling.moneymag/index.html

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