IMPACT Real Estate Success Podcast – Episode 011 – Interview with Shirley Weems

Aaron Zapata interviews Shirley Weems, a top REO broker from Florida. Shirley and Aaron discuss the importance of using tracking down lead sources, taking risks to grow you business, and taking a no-nonsense approach to approaching the real estate business. We also talk about the struggle of working in this business and what it was like to grow her business when her kids were...

Luxury Bank Repos For Sale in Orange County CA

Banks and REITs are cranking it up in Orange County CA. As the real estate market improves and the economy continues to roll along strong, investment firms are bringing foreclosure inventory to the market. You see, banks don’t want own homes. They need to protect the investments of their customers and members and do so by making sure they sell these properties for top dollar. Some recent Luxury...

The Bank Repo Photos You Don’t See

What you see on the Internet are usually the best photos of properties the Realtor can get, especially when it comes Bank Repos. Most agents, including myself, will typically leave out the photos that don't look good (do you really need to see a vertical shot of the bathroom vanity...). However, where there are major problems, I think you, the buyer, should know, so you aren't wasting your time. The photo...

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